RAP 9mm safety bulletin follow up.

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    Hi folks,

    I’m new here and have tried searching but not having any luck. Forgive me if this has been covered already.

    I bought RAP’s in 45 and 9 shortly after they came out and have loved them. Then a few months ago Ruger announced the safety bulletin for the 9mm. I have well south of the 10000 rd mark where they say excessive wear and cracking can occur and can see no noticeable wear or damage on my RAP 9. My question is has anyone? Does anyone know of any cases of this or know anyone who has? Has anybody sent theirs in just get the new black nitrided barrel? I’m really not to worried about it, just curious. I like my silver stainless barrel. I figure I’ll just do what Ruger says and keep shooting it and keep an eye on it.
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    You gotta keep a watch on your pistol because it might become unusable or unsafe.
    And this is Ruger's flagship SD pistol?
    I'd dump that thing as fast as I dumped my new SR9c after the second time I had to send it back for repair.
    But I'm all particular about my SD armament working, so there is that. :rolleyes:
    No more Ruger auto-loaders for me.....

    Well, I do have confidence in my newest Blackhawk, and it only took two trips back to Ruger till I was sure it would be reliable.

    You guys at Ruger need to tighten up a little. Just sayin

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    This is my question, is it actually happening? I assume it must have happened to some hence the product safety bulletin. But if it was happening often enough for ruger to take action wouldn't it be all over forums like this one and youtube etc?? The lack of any info when doing searches of RAP failures/issues makes me wonder how big of an issue it is.
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    Doubtful it's happening a lot because very few have 10k + rounds through them. People like to exaggerate how much they shoot you know.
    Even so if it only happen to one person they would still issue the bulletin, especially in lew of how serious it can be. A cracked slide/frame is serious business.

    I'm different then you in that what turns me off about them is the silver colored barrel, I'd send it in to get the new black barrel. That silver just sticks out like a sore thumb and makes the gun look cheap in my opinion.

    Either way rest assure Ruger doesn't operate like say Taurus, you would have your gun back before you know it. However call them to make sure they'll do your serial number because it may only be for certains ones that fall within a certain range.
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