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Today I had the opportunity to work with my Volquartsen Black Mamba, basically a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite with all the Volquartsen upgrades. This gun is a nail driver from the bench.

Today was an off-hand day. I shot from 15 and 25 yards with a two hand hold. I'm not the best shooter but I'm trying to get better. I shoot Steel Challenge and I'm only looking at hitting 10 and 12 inch plates out to 25 yards and an 18 X 24 inch plate at 35 yards so MOA is not important.

I was testing Norma Tac 22 and found it to be very accurate and had 100% functioning with it. Sunday I shot a match with it and had no jams. I also shot my fastest match in 4 years. I bought two cases lately and I'm thinking it will replace my Mini Mags as my go-to match ammo.

Here's my target from 15 yards. 50 shots. I started out shooting a bit to the right, over adjusted to the left and then started hitting center.

This isn't a tack driving group like a lot of people show but it's what I can do.
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