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Range Time...

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Maybe we can make this a Sticky...where all members can post pictures of their Range Time Targets...


4/29/15...10am...Olympic Arms CAR-97...5.56x45mm...100 yards...iron sights...bench rested:

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Great shooting there 13.
Thanks SH...!!

Used this to get on paper...

Winchester WT-631 Zoom Spotting Scope

Aluminum body with green rubber armor cover
Field of View: @15x 110 feet at 1000 yards
Field of View: @45x 63 feet at 1000 yards
Soft sided carrying bag/hard sided carry case
Weight: 2.7 lbs
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Good shooting K.

This is one I kept from last year .
My Savage FVSR at 100 yards, on a somewhat windy day.

Target on left is typical of groups using Federal Bulk.
Target on right was when I switched to Eley.
First shot was right by 2" and high by 1"., 2nd shot (after adj) was right 3/4" and low 1/4"
Then I grouped the next 6 shots to left. Im happy with that at 100 yards.

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Here is a 3 day, 3 shot group; the last shot taken this morning.

I took the shots with a Sporterized Remington US Model 1903 30-06.

I wanted to enter a local shooting match with my scoped rifle, but it isn't shooting well enough to enter the match, (I suspect the stock.) So I was getting a zero at the shortest distance of the match, using the target size to be shooting at; with my next best rifle... currently my best rifle.
I was also seeing if I could shoot it well enough. The group size looks to be about 4 inches at 325 yards, about 1.26MOA.

The last shot is behind the tape measure, you can see it better in today's video.

In May, I'll be practicing shots at all the distances of the match, but I'll be up against scoped rifles; so I have my work cut-out for me. I probably will not win, but I hope not to be in last place.
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That is some good shooting guys!! I can't post my targets as my computer is so old that I don't have the attachment or port (?) that you can attach photos too. Besides, after you got done laughing some of you may crack your ribs and ask me which eye I was using. The left one, the right one, or the one located in the middle of my forehead.......laughing! That was a joke son!!
Tommycourt, does your computer work with email? Ever since my digital camera broke the only way I can a still picture onto my computer is to email it from my phone (not a smart phone). Only problem is the phone takes lousy pictures.
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