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    Lately I have been having problems of "throwing" rounds when I went to the range. I would have a decent group (for me) and then some fliers. Normally I shoot between 30 and 40 feet. Lighting is much better past that as it is an inside range. The other night I was dry firing and I found myself "breaking" my right wrist (dominant hand). For some reason, when I was snapping the trigger my right wrist would slightly turn. I think the reasoning is I was holding on too tight with my dominant hand and not enough with the supporting hand. Well today I hit the range and shot about 100 rounds @30-35 & 40 feet progressively and the shots are starting to come back. Problem is I have to concentrate a lot more as I must have been taking it for granted before and not paying attention. I can take a nap and forget everything. But all in all it was a good day. Talk about hot: that range maybe inside but not A/C and the sweat was rolling. Better than not shooting at all though.
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    How to beat the heat, By MagnumBlackhawk

    No A/C at an indoor range (or anywhere) in AZ??? You guys must be some kind of tough!

    I think I would throw em too. If you load and fire the pistol, that's going to create even more heat!

    Another plus is when hand thrown, no need to reload the case. Just pick em up and throw again.

    You will need to change to a much larger caliber in order to have sufficient knock down power.

    On second thought, you could "throw out" your arm. Better just forget I said anything and shoot the normal way.

    Dang, I thought I was on to something............ Have a good week Tommy. :D

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    Thanks Mag,
    What would I do without guys like you and Buster, Jim, Glenn and a few others. Life would be boring!!! :cheesy:

    Take care buddy and I will watch my arm. I can't throw far anyway and it would ricochet back against the wall and hit me in the head.

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    Tommy , Im impressed with your intestinal fortitude..

    When we have 90+ temps and 80% + hunmidity , I cant shoot or throw anything outside,

    Im such a wimp.

    I guess Im just too attached to the creature comforts..

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    Holy cripe! Inside range in AZ with no A/C? Get out the head bandana to keep the sweat out of the eyes. LOL Tommy you are one determined trigger man to go through that hot box treatment.
    If you have someone with a video cam have them video your shooting. You might really see the problem made obvious.
    Well except for the heat thing. We figured that out.
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