Range Report -- new Mark III Competition ("Slabside")

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by Redleg, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Took the new Mark III Competition to the range today. Before I did, about 15 hours before I added a Hi-Viz sight to the pistol in place of the all-black sight that it comes with. I just can't shoot at my usual black targets well when I have an all-black sight. Ruger should at least consider a white dot front sight sometime. No worries though, it took about a minute to swap the sights, and that includes a bit of blue Threadlocker. (Note: after several hundred rounds, the sight was still on securely -- that Threadlocker works!).

    Here is the gun with its new Hi-Viz front sight:

    At the range I shot about 160 rounds of Centurion, 100 rounds of Remington Thunderbolts, and 50 or so Remington Subsonic rounds. All shot very well. The last ten rounds or so I had two stovepipes which, by inspection, were clearly caused by very heavy lead and powder residue in the chamber; the rounds simply were not chambering well or easily due to a lot of crud. No fault of the gun, that's for sure.

    Interestingly, the gun shot great with the subsonics; there was plenty of zip to work the action.

    Groups were among the best I have ever gotten with a Mark III and easily the best I've gotten with a Mark III (and maybe any gun) using iron sights. I am not sure if it was the ammo, if I was just having a particularly good day, or if, indeed, it is the gun. I may have a "shootout" between my Mark III Competition and maybe a Hunter or Target. Hey, that sounds like fun.

    Anyway, I am very happy with the Competition. Not only is it a particularly cool looking pistol, but it is a shootin' fool.
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    Beautiful looking gun and a great report......love Mark III guns.....

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    Great report and it looks good with the new sights!