Range report CZ 453 Varmint rifle

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by phideaux, Feb 29, 2016.

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    I finally got a fairly decent day to shoot the CZ 453.

    I took some SK match grade and some Wolf performance ammo. Set up on my bench at 50 yrds , using the bipod and a Protektor rear bag.

    I bore sighted , thru the bore , with naked eye, with bolt out of gun, set scope to center of the bore sight.

    Loaded 5 rnds of SK, fired 1st shot on 1st target, was about 2 1/2" high and 1/2" right.
    Set sdcope zero to that hole and fired the next 4 shots. Thats Target # !, using SK ammo at 5o yrds, with right to left wind , about 10 mph.
    I tried moving the scope back to center , but ran out of MOA adjusting , I notice te
    he rings/mounts are slightly crooked, Left it , will change rings/mounts later.


    At this point Im not touching the scope anymore at 50 yrds, even though its off center slightly, I switched to Wolf ammo. Im really testing the rifle for consistency/grouping.
    Im very pleased with it so far at 50 yards. This target is #2 and there are 5 mags /20 rounds grouped under 1/2"


    Now I just had to try it at 75 yrds , even with the wind, I was pleased with the groups at 75 yrds. 1st shot went 2" low and 3/4" left (wind Im Sure, no more adj anyway) I only adjusted the scope up 2" and shot 20 rounds. 3rd Target at 75 yrds.


    All in all Im pleased with the rifle, but got to do some rings/ mounts rework.

    What can I say about a .5lb trigger with zero creep and clicks like snapping a piece hair made of glass.

    The scope is a Simmons 22mag, 3x9x32, inexpensive but good clear glass, and a real fine crosshair . Was magnifying at 5X. Never changed it, probably should to see if zero held.

    Next time , hopefully no wind and I will go to 100 yrds.

    Good day.


  2. VThillman

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    Hmm. I will commit myself to the point of saying the gun is not a lemon.


  3. SHOOTER13

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    Nice shooting Jim...glad the CZ didn't let ya down.
  4. Oldhand

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    Nice shooting, when I mounted my scope on the MVP I bore sighted just like you did with the same result. Must be our old eyes.:D