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Went down to the range and REzeroed the scope on the CZ 453 , after realigning it .
WOW, , 50 yrds out, first shot was 2" high and 1/2" right.

set scope to that shot, second shot was dead center bullseye, fired another 8 rounds , only an elongated hole in dead center.
OMG, I love this rifle.
(that 1/2 lb trigger helps)

Took the new to me Marlin 336 30-30.

Not as good a report.
The gun functions flawless, and smooth as silk.
No scope...factory iron sights, at 50 yards, tough with these old eyes.

Well, I can see good enough to determine ,with rear sight as low as possible, she shoots about 7-8" high.
... windage is good. Consistent.

Not too happy with that, It would probably be closer to center at 100 yards. That's why it had a scope on it I'm sure.

So, as much as I don't like scopes on Lever Action rifles , I may go that route. I could get a taller front sight to fix the shooting high problem, but I still got the OLD eyes problem.

Gotta decide....


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When my eyes aged passed 40+ all of my open sight guns started shooting high.

I had to cut down and re-notch the rear sight on two Blackhawks cause I ran out of adjustment.
When I called Ruger and told them what I was about to do they sent me three blades in the mail, no charge. :Cooltu:

Good thing I had extra blades cause I ruined two before I got it right. :eek:
A little bit of 'paint on' cold bluing and you can't tell the difference. :D
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