Range day today!

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    Took most of my guns to the range today! :) Sight in mostly, My 10-22 ran like a fine sewing machine....not a droppepd stitch in the bunch. Unfortunately, the great-looking red dot sight my wife got me for Christmas...first time putting it on the 10-22... failed miserably! I was just getting it dialed in at 25 yards, when I noticed the barrel was pointing one way , and the red dot was waaay off the the left. Tried readjusting it, and the dot didn't move even a little.
    the Irons did pretty good after I took the red dot off. Back home, I reinstalled the scope.

    My Match Champion shot like...wellll...a Champion.:D I found my ancient IPSC handloads that were ~.38 +p didn't recoil much more than Speer's 135gr 357 Magnum loads. Gonna buy some more of that 357 ammo! I loaded one of each, alternating, and found out the recoil isn't that different. In the True Spirit of Never leaving Well-Enough Alone, I'm going to try ~ 6 gr. of Unique to see if it will be more equal, but if'n it ain't broke...give it here for a minute! AND...both loads shot to the same POI at 18 yards and 25!(Which is my max range with iron sights.)

    After I got the 4 X scope dialed in, my ancient....mid '80s 77-22...was its usual tack driving self! Of course, that was"only" at the 25 yd. sight-in range. Next trip, We will try the 50 yd range. I don't expect any worse from her! Shoots as good as my CZ with the 3-9 X glass on it!

    Now, the question. At 80 years old, even after Cataract surgery, my eyes don't resolve .22 bullet holes at any reasonable range. I know I can buy "splatter targets, but I think I'd rather have a spotting scope. Can anyone suggest a reasonable quality and priced spotter...max $$$ ~ 400.
    My first el cheapo scope was soft, and my 50mm Leupold just wasn't bright enough, so I figure a 65-80 mm glass should let in more light and be useful for Birding, too. Thanx
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    Excellent range report. I have the same problem with finding bullet holes. Glaucoma & retinopathy. I can't even see the large caliber rifle holes. For a while, I could not even shoot the rifles cause I couldn't see the target in the scope.

    Hope you find a spotter that works for you. I never did

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    Vortex and Nikon both have spotters in that price range, I think...for the range, I would think that Leupold would be fine. Usually its nice and bright out when I'm at the range so maybe I'm not the right guy to ask about spotters. I've used an old El cheapo 20x50mm Simmons on the range and it was ok. Wouldn't want to try and hunt a trophy with it though...
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