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    Use to Railbuggyman,then I became Railbuggy about the time Marc Emery got busted.My first car was a VW beetle back in 1970 and I bacame a VW nut.Have had all kinds of air cooled VWs since then.Sold my last railbuggy in 2011 becouse of illness(COPD).COPD took the wind from my sails but I still get around useing the internet. Became a Marine in 1974 and worked for the Navy as a special weapons guard until my discharge in 78.Bartended for about seven years,then did HVAC/R work for a while.My last job was as a waste water operator for a steel drum company.That job ended in 2008 when the company closed its doors.I have been on disability since 1/2010.
    I am a rightwinger,been to a few teapartys,and I like guns to.
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    Welcome to the Ruger Talk Forum !!

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    Welcome from Texas!
    Quite a resume you have there!