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As a part of an ever-expanding line that includes uppers, barrels and suppressors, Stafford, Texas's Radical Firearms is working on a commercial off the shelf integral suppressed barrel for the Ruger 10/22 platform.

Integral suppression?

The vast majority of suppressor designs come in the form of a screw on or QD "can" that attaches to the muzzle of the firearm. Hiram Maxim, the inventor of the modern sound suppressor, designed his Silencer variants around this concept in the 1900s and the name stuck. However, going back to the British Welrod of World War II, another concept, one of integral suppression where you wrapped a ventilated barrel with a damping shroud designed to trap the gas escaping from the firing process and channeling it away from the gun slowly, became a valid but seldom used idea.

Today, a number of .22LR rimfire pistols are available in custom integral suppressor options including a number of Rugers. These companies include SRT who take a Browning Buckmark or Challenger; or Ruger MkIII, MkII, or MkI and add a 7-inch tube directly to the gun designed for the US military specifically for use with 40 gr CCI MiniMags. The cost $725 and up. Others who do similar are Dark Horse, Norrell, AWC, and Coastal but you can be sure with something like 3,026 National Firearms Act Special Occupational Taxpayers (SOTs= gunshops cleared to make suppressors) there are likely far more.

Which brings us to...

Radical Firearms

This Title II NFA gun manufacturer and retail operation is a new player on the market but has steadily expanded its line of custom in-house firearms to include a number of AR-15's, high end bolt action rifles and tactical shotguns, and suppressors.

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On their plate now is a 16-inch overall length 1:20 twist 4140 chromoly QPQ integral monocore barrel and baffle with a 6160-T6 aluminum barrel shroud. A high-temp Cerakote finish keeps it looking sharp while overall diameter is only 1.5-inches.

This is really close to the Ruger 10/22 Target model 20-inch barrel's 0.920-inch diameter. If you are scared about it adding extra weight to your gun, don't be as the standard weight .22LR factory barrel runs right at 31.97 ounces while the Radical Firearms suppressed barrel tips the scales at a gentle 23.8 ounces in part due to the use of 6160 for the shroud and its 16-inch length.

Whereas the British Welrod had 12 thin metal washer baffles separated in groups by three leather wipes that would start to deteriorate with use and typically was no longer suppressed after about 15-20 rounds, the Radical 10/22 has a lifetime warranty and is user serviceable, showing just how far we have come since the 1940s.

Price is expected to be around $399 plus tax stamp/trust etc.
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