Racist shooting-------BS

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    IMO this young man was no full blown hating racist. A full blown hating racist doesn't associate with blacks let alone have a black drinking buddy. I believe this young man had minimal, if even that, racist beliefs.
    Come on people, a racist is not going to sit down in a black church being all nice and then shoot them down. IMO a real hating racist would have walked in with gun firing.
    I read one comment that the people killed were stupid for not rushing the kid while he reloaded 5 times. Well that sounds like a comment someone that doesn't know squat about guns would make. It doesn't take but seconds to drop an empty magazine and slip a loaded magazine back in to be firing again. I guess we are supposed to believe this kid in his planning this out didn't have extra loaded magazines with him. Yeah the kid had a pocket full of ammo and was just going to sit down in a pew and reload the empty magazine to continue shooting again. 5 times no less! Either this is BS or the kid had not planned this out ahead of time.
    Isn't it strange the kid chose this particular church? The pastor/senator was also anti-gun and even voted down any pro-gun bills. This pastor preached putting racism away and people should strive to get along with each other. He chose to do his visit when such a small group of people would be there in a small bible study group?
    The kids father supposedly gave him the 45 semi auto for his 21st birthday? OOPS! That story has now changed to the kid worked odd jobs to buy the gun himself. Typical BS! The story will be changing as this goes along.
    The black drinking buddy friend hid the gun because the way this kid was talking while being drunk. The kid supposedly said that he was going to shoot up a school. But then he gave the gun back to him after he sobered up.
    You can bet if the kid had a computer it will be removed from the house by the cops. Nobody wants known who the kid had been communicating with even months before this happened. I believe this pilot play just had its opening curtain call. Exit stage right as the curtains fall while editing for act two.
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    Typical media............I believe less than 1/10 of a percent of anything said on TV anymore. We'll hear what the Government wants us to hear,after they figure out what made up story they're going to tell us.

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    Yep and depending on what they see the people commenting on then they will edit the story to change that foopah they should have seen.
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    I have to commend the people of South Carolina. I was completely taken back when they expressed their sorrow and told the shooter that they had forgave him. Myself, I don't think I would have type of courage!! It was unprecedented that the judge let the grieving give their comments to the gunman. This has never happened before! You can bet that the race haters and the "professional rioters" are having a fit.
    Our country should stand and salute those people and we should all learn from their faith in God and feel his presence in all of us. The young man who lost his mother, stood and said how they were God fearing and he forgave the shooter and hoped that he would find kindness at sometime in his life. I don't think that will ever happen but I wish it would. We will never be able to stamp out evil and evil will raise it's head again very soon. But if there is one lesson to be learned it's: God's strength is in all of us. I am not saying that should something happen like this again, we should sit back and pray but try to understand why. I will continue to be armed at all times for I am not going to ask why a certain individual did something, I am going to fight with every fiber in my body! If I am going down, I will take some with me. I am not trying to deliver a sermon, I am just amazed at the reaction that the people who were morally wronged and wounded can be able to forgive a heinous action. Color does not make the man or woman, deeds they do make them what they are.
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    Yep Tommy I think the race baiters really weren't ready for the reaction of the people this time.
    The church people are calling for forgiveness while the race baiters want more racial violence. The race baiter don't even respect the church peoples wishes.
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    Thers are some decent people left in this nation,

    Dont make any difference what color they are.

    Good for them.

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    Well how about this latest info? The friend of the shooter said the church was not the first choice, but it was chosen because it had a no gun sign posted at the door.
    So the people became his target not so much because of the color of their skin but because the people made it plain they would be unarmed. Now isn't that so surprising?
    I just wonder if people will flock to get one of these no gun signs to post on their front door? Amazingly I bet some will. I think more people will be deciding to carry in church if they are smart. When are people going to wise up to take down the sitting ducks sign realizing showing that being disarmed and informing they are such will NOT in anyway save a life? People better be trashing the no gun signs for a sign that displays "bring a gun in here at your own risk". That sign would possibly save more lives.
    People need be telling all politicians that hell no you will not be a sitting duck. If the politicians had their way the ducks would even have their wings clipped. Seems funny politicians have their own guns and then many even have armed body guards. But oh no guns are evil for the general public and the public is to stupid to have them. Actually that should read some of the public have been brain washed into thinking owning a gun is dangerously stupid. Not surprisingly many of the brain washed have been killed because they acted dangerously stupid for their own protection. I wonder did any of the 9 call 911?
    Hey politicians your gun free zones are getting innocent law abiding citizens killed. Every mass killing happened at a posted no guns allowed area. Imagine what will happen when or if the politicians get all guns outlawed? Like in other countries, baseball bats will be sold before they even get on the store shelves. The government should pass a law that "no gun" signs are outlawed and have to be taken down immediately.
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    I like this.

    Firearms in the hands of good people don’t get a great deal of attention in a media environment that thrives on the mantra, “if it bleeds, it leads.” Capturing and conveying the importance of the individual lives saved in such attacks takes more work and requires more time and legwork from journalists than does simply pointing a camera at victims or their anguished families.
    But these lives saved by a good guy with a gun matter all the same.
    Bob Owens
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    IF the shooter's quoted statement just before he started shooting is correct, there was a strong anti-black element, everything else not withstanding. IF the quote is true, he would not have chosen a white church that had a 'no guns' sign.
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    I am not saying this horrible event wasn't racial related. What I am saying is that it doesn't make sense the shooter was portrayed as such a white supremacist filled with black hatred when it was reported he associated with black friends and even had a black drinking buddy. IMO this event was instigated to further racial divide as well as another push for gun control.
    I am believing the story reported is far from what really happened and for what purpose. Obama and Hillary didn't supposedly do anything about Benghazi but Obama was on national TV within hours of the shooting giving a speech about racial hatred and how anyone being able to easily obtain a gun was the cause of these killings. So we need more gun control BS. If anything Obama should demand all gun free zone signs should be removed ASAP. Isn't it strange these horrible events happen where it can happen without interference? Just a coincidence? .....yeah right.
    Why isn't Hillary blabbering "what difference does it make now" instead of again calling for more gun control?
    Look at the complete reported story about this and it is plain to see it doesn't add up to the actual plot they portray.
    Granted this is in my opinion which could be totally wrong. If you need do a book report then you better read the book not watch the movie.
    Racial hatred is not the norm in this country as portrayed by the media. But some people want to see that changed at any cost and right now they are instigating for that change. I think the people are more intelligent than to believe any human race was created better than another. IMO only the ignorant can be swayed into believing it.
    This black man tells it like it is what is going down now.
    .....Stop the divide start to unite. See each other not color.
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