R.I.P. John Glenn: American Hero

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    Rest In Peace John Glenn ( 1921-2016 )

    As a Marine Fighter Pilot...he flew 149 combat missions in two wars...WWII and Korea.

    As a Test Pilot and Astronaut...He was the first American to successfully orbit the Earth...and later...the oldest man to go into space.

    And...As an American Icon...He was the longest-serving United States Senator in Ohio history.

    Godspeed John Glenn !!
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  2. phideaux

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    If only more leaders today had his character.

    God Bless you brother. RIP.


  3. allenr

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    Glenn was an American hero. He was a Marine's Marine. He had greater courage in his little finger than most of us have in our body. His combat, test pilot, and astronaut performance is unmatched by any air warrior.

    Even though he was a staunch gun control advocate I will say this. His deeds speak for themselves as do his opinions. But his deeds were greater than his opinions.

    Goodnight Colonel Glenn but not goodbye because you will love on in history, and as a Marine you will live on in Marines' minds forever as a great warrior. Sleep well. Rest In Peace.

    Semper Fi
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    I'll never forget the date 02/20/1962 when he was first to orbit, my 11th birthday.
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    It's hard to believe all the accomplishments and deeds he contributed to our society. He will never die as he will live in our hearts and minds forever. He looked at things the way the country used to look at things. He said that the most that could happen would he might die. How unselfish his statements were. As Allen said: he was a Marine's Marine. He did so much for us and our society and the millenuls will never understand that. What happened to all our hero's? He is in God's kingdom now and hopefully smiling down on us and hoping for the best. It's because HE was one of our best.