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    Today it was finally cool enough to load a few rounds of .45 cal. 230gr RN Berry with Titegroup powder. There is not too much info on Titegroup powder so I ended up calling the factory. The tech there was not much help but gave some info. They call for the powder charge to start @4.0 grns and max @4.8grns with a COAL of 1.200. I asked about a COAL of 1.250 as I am set up to load at that length and want to keep as much ammo the same length as possible. I read through some threads but there seems to be a lot of discrepancy about Titegroup. They evidently use a lot of nitroglycerin in their powder and most comments stated that the rounds are really hot and smokey when fired. Has anyone had any info on loads for .45 cal with this powder or any suggestions as to the proper load? I loaded 50 rounds using 4.5 - 4.6 grns today for a test run. One comment was that it will enhance the recoil as compared to W-231. Am I going to have any future problems you can think of? Appreciate all suggestions.

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    Tommy i have run a bunch of 4gr charges in 45 with a 200gr swc
    but your ok at the loads you made
    next time drop down to 4 or a bit more
    youll like it much better
    but dont run over 4.8gr with a 230gr bullet very often
    i love titegroup
    but only if i have to
    ive learned that titegroup gives a very sharp recoil impulse, unlike Clays or 700x or bullseye
    but Titegroup is a fine powder, just have to fit it into your roundup
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    Just run middling loads based on the manuals and you'll be fine. The nitroglycerin hoohaw sounds like confusion about what doublebase powders are. There are a lot of them, notably from Alliant, they contain nitroglycerin, they are stable under any conditions that could be considered normal for stored powder or cartridges. The powder makers coat the nitro to prevent it's tendency toward increased corrosion in the bore. There are lots of experienced Titegroup enthusiasts out there "They can't all be wrong." ;)