question about mini-14 181 series made in 1977

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    I have a mini-14 serial number 181-0696x,, As you can see its below the posted range of the 181 series, I called Ruger customer service and was informed they did not make it,,I insisted so they had me send pictures, They come back saying,,yes its ours but since its below the posted range we will have to go to the records room to find it,,stated I need a letter for that so I did as they had requested,, I received my letter today telling me it was Shipped December 1977 and they sent me a series 180 instruction book,, No other information,,,it has full wood stock and handguard. did ruger make alot of firearms they dont remember ??
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    The Mini-14 model was first produced in 1974, it was in design from 1967 to 1973, older models resembled the old .30 Carbine, with more angular cuts in the stock and having a wooden heat shield. So yes, there are probably prior model numbers that they don't list due to model changes from 1974 to 1977. I was digging for my some of my research books.. but alas.. I've come down with a case of CRS...