Proper holsters!!!! Please!!!!

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    No matter how many times I have the proper holster discussion with newbies I still get doubters.
    We are pretty particular about our choices of Holsters. We just don't feel it's worth the chance risk. To many discharges happen due to improper holsters.
    We returned our AlienGear 2.0 holsters because reholstering had to be 2 handed in order to keep the softer backing out of the way. After several (unloaded) attempts the flap even caught in the trigger guard. That was when I (and then later my husband) decided these weren't a good holster fit for us. Personally choice but it's important to us a smooth draw without a bunch of release tricks and re-holstering much be one handed smooth. No swiping the barrel over our offhand to reholster.
    This is a perfect example of why these style holsters are a risk. I know plenty of people who use them and haven't had a problem.
    Here's a story that was just sent to me.
    BEWARE!!!!!!! Pretty narly photos of the injury.

  2. phideaux

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    That's why I carry a Sig Ultra Carry 1911.

    Pull that trigger , hang it on something, all you want it aint gonna shoot you in the booty, or anywhere else.

    I carry it in 2 holsters, one for winter ,leather molded OWB, One for summer a Remora, and I'm still meticulous, about how I holster and unholster .

    Complacency is a killer, as well as a improper holster.

    my $.002

  3. buster40c

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    I would very much like to know what gun he was carrying when that happened. This story is why I don't like carrying a cocked and locked 1911. If somehow the safety gets moved to fire and the 1911 triggers being as they are I just couldn't carry a 1911. To each his own as each has to deal with his own actions. I used to carry my LCR only in my pocket but later and even now I carry the LCR in a formed hard leather holster made for the LCR in my front pocket.
    The guy had to be in a "hole" bunch of pain with that wound. He came within inches of the wound being much worse.
  4. gunslinger669

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    I wear/carry a 1911 cocked and locked; either in a cross draw holster by horseshoe leather co.(hard leather, hand fitted to my gun model) or a horizontal shoulder holster by the same company(it's not really a company-just a little old guy who makes amazing holsters). Been carrying that way for 25 years or so- never managed to shoot myself or my shirt/jacket.

    I've found it's faster, for me at least, with a cross draw to clear and fire by reaching into an untucked shirt with the bottom button undone than it is to lift the shirt and draw from my hip.
  5. MagBlackhawk

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    Poor guy, has to call into work cause he shot himself in the butt. It'll be a while before he lives that down!

    When I decide on a new carry gun, I've already checked out holsters for it.

    I've passed on more than one gun because a holster that meets my requirements is not available for that particular model.
    Unfortunately that leaves out many fine older pistols and even some really great brand new ones.

    When looking at the Sig web site I see they have holster compatibility figured out.
    They sell what looks like good retention holsters for their pistols that should be concealable when used with the compacts and subcompacts.

    A guy could get shot in the butt with the wrong setup.
  6. MagBlackhawk

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    I also like cross draw but it covers my left front pants pocket. I'm Right handed.
    Cross draw is probably the best way (for me) when carrying a long gun cause my rifle doesn't bang against my side arm.
    Of course that's when hunting or just out running around in the sticks.

    Years ago when I lived in Arizona open carry was the only option back then. I carried my revolver cross draw. Worked for me.
  7. RavenU

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    So would I! This story has been appearing on one gun forum website after another; and nobody has, as yet, identified the pistol he was carrying. My guess? Something with a brand name that starts with a, 'G'. (Which might teach the victim, 'Why' the vast majority of civilians should not carry their semiautomatic pistols in C-1; but - alas, no matter how many of these stories go around - they never seem to learn.)
  8. buster40c

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    I also wouldn't doubt he had a Glock. Reminds me of GM recalling a million cars for an ignition switch problem.
  9. Blkhawk73

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    Sad, actually pathetic how SO many skimp on good gear (holster & belt). They're all for doing the research on the gun, finding the "one" and how it has to have quality, look cool :roll eyes: and be at their price point (i.e. cheap). Then they have to go with the mean and cool looking ammo. Heck with finding out what actually works best in their particular gun, just go with whatever the Walmart has cheap while still have a "bad" look to it. :D Then it's holster time and they just go with whatever is cheap and looks cool. Both seriously important for a concealed carry gun. :roll eyes: They'll never understand the importance and significant benefits of using a GOOD holster and GOOD belt. There ARE differences and well worth the additional money. Sometimes I think those people would park their $200,000 super car in a falling down shed rather than spend the $ for a decent garage for it.
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