Power pistol vs W231

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    As most of you know I shoot on Sundays. Today I shot 50 rounds of W231 and 50 rounds of Power Pistol. Shooting .45 230grn. Berry round nose plated and COAL @1.243-1.250. I was using 5.4 grns of W231 and 6.6-6.7 grns. of Power Pistol. My handy dandy rotors from RCBS stated I could use a #10 rotor and it would dispense 6.9 grns. of Power Pistol. NOT TRUE! The most I could get was 6.7 grns. To my surprise the 6.6 grns. had as much recoil as the W231 which tells me that this powder is more powerful than I thought. I am NOT going to increase the amount of PP that I am using as it has the same recoil as MagTech factory rounds. I just want to let everyone know that if you are going to use Power Pistol for pistol handloads, work your loads up very carefully!!! Accuracy is the same for both. I think Jim uses Power Pistol for rifle and I have not heard him mention anything bad about it but he is an old time reloader and I am sure if it was detrimental, he would have let us know.
    Please be careful!

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    Sharing the good, bad, and the ugly is what it is all about. Thanks for sharing your experiences in reloading.

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    Its been a while since I have loaded Power Pistol, I still have a few lbs of it , and I will use it.

    I have never had anything but good results with it.

    Like Tommy says , just keep your head outta your butt when loading it.;):duck:

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    I use Power Pistol for a couple of my pistols but I carefully work up ALL loads for ALL my guns.