Power Pistol powder observation

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    Today I loaded 300 rounds of .45, Berry 230gn RN, Winchester large primers and 6.7 grains of Power Pistol. Since I already had these casings primed and belled I had to hand load each round. One observation I made was Power Pistol has different granules in the powder. I noticed this when I was checking out my powder weight (which I do every 5 rounds). The powder with more charcoal colored powder tended to weigh heavier, approx. .02-.03 grains. You can see the light gray powder mixed in with the charcoal color granules. I have a 4lbs. can so just for giggles I shook the can to see if anything changed. I could NOT noticeably see any change in the mixture. Where I noticed it the most was in my pan I use to weigh each charge and each charge that had darker color had a tendency to weigh heavier. I know this isn't much however if I were loading "hot loads" I think I would exercise more caution. Manufacturers will never tell you what they use for powder. My Lyman's book says that 6.2 grns - 7.3 (if I remember correctly) is the max charge. I found that 6.7 will give you the same recoil as a factory round and in reloading, I try to stay pretty much in the middle of the chart. I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a difference, and caution anyone that if you are loading "hot loads", PLEASE exercise extreme caution when using Power Pistol. This powder has a propensity to run hotter than W231, Bullseye and Titegroup. Maybe you already know this, however I just wanted to bring it to attention for safety's sake.