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Well I just thought I would show yall that I do more than mow grass.

I just spent a day playing in the shop.

Casting some .30 carbine , 120 gr, .308 dia ,(actual dia coming out .310)RN bullets
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Then powder coating those bullets, then they go thru a .308 sizer.
Ya see with powder coating , there is no lubing the bullets.:cool:
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Here are some bullets that I powder coated , after baking at b400 deg for 20 minutes then resizing to ..308 dia, they be ready to load.
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Here are some 400 gr bullets that I powder coated earlier today .
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They are well on their way to being ready to shoot, this is a proven reload. 50 gr of IMR 3031 , Win WLR primer, and OAL of 2.500".Slightly compressed load. Medium crimp.
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Ran out of IMR 3031, switched to 37 gr of Hogdon 4198, just as good.
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The powder coating and casting the bullets takes the most time...prepping brass and loading powder , and setting the bullet is pretty quick. I do all my reloads one at a time on an old RCB Rock Chucker.


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Good to break up the ho hum day to day routines. You can tell Obama you built those. LOL

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I don't know if Obama built those rounds but with all the time involved it does sound like a government job don't it? :rolleyes:

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