Population control red list.

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    The first to be taken out will be those that are a darn thorn to the elite. Alternative conservative media, patriots, aka retirees, and gun owners have to go. You know the ones that have been around to know how this country became so great and were taught and experienced history.
    The second to go are those costing their system money. The elite soon will have used these people to get what they needed done and the streets run with blood. Now they will have no use for them and dang straight are done giving a free ride. Useless is as useless does. The cash register will be closed and the store shelves will not be restocked. Those still alive will get either a micro chip implant, a tattoo I.D., or what has now been revealed a pill you swallow that makes you a walking talking GPS zombie.
    Millions and millions will die and those let to live will be used totally as peasants to keep the elite in their comfort and wealth.
    People are so worried to speak up for fear of being placed on the red list. You know the red list, the list of people that own guns, patriots, Constitutionalists, God fearing Christians, people that tell all on social media like Facecrap, or on any type of conservative alternative web site. Right now since FCC took over the web as a public works service media there is web censoring in order to shut down or make almost useless the government deemed unwanted web sites.
    If you are on a gun forum, have ever bought ammo or a gun, have a subscription to any gun magazine, are a member of NRA or GOA, have ever bought from an online arms supplier. Then you are sure to be classified as a gun owner or possible threat and are on the red list. They know exactly where you live.
    Have you bought 22lr ammo from WalMart? Do you really think WalMart gives a hoot whether the ammo you are buying is for a rifle or a handgun? Do you really think someone at WalMart home office is looking to see what you just bought that 22lr ammo for? Did you pay with a credit or debit card? Yep your name is on the red list as a gun owner. You might as well yell from the roof tops you are a gun owner. Next time I am at WalMart I am going to buy some fishing equipment so they might believe my guns fell into the lake.
    I read today that our only real hope would be to be able to unplug the Jade 2 massive data collector artificial intelligence computer center. Good luck trying to do that. It probably has its own solar back up anyway.
    It's funny how watching old movies is a tell tale of the future. Just goes to show how long ago these things happening now were thought up and planned. I saw an old clip from 1996 sitcom "3rd rock from the sun" and it had a quick reference to September 23, 2015 crisis.
    The elite figure the billion people are going to ruin the planet for them so our size has to be culled down drastically. The elite actually believe in their own concocted global warming so we have to go. Population control is a must.
    You are reading this then don't worry, you are already on the list.
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    Yeah, Im sure I am on that list...

    and , darn proud to be on it..

    Rather be on that list for a day than their elitist list for any time.

    remember, that many of our founding fathers were on the Kings list.. to be eliminated.. I will be honored to die as a patriot.

    Im a heterosexual, conservative, christian, pro-life, gun owner.
    Anything else I can say to make ya mad ?


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    Yep I am a bad bad man also. That's why I was concerned when I heard someone pounding on my door at 2 A.M.
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    I am just like Lou Costello. I am a bad, bad man!! Well so what, I am damned proud to be a bad man! I have my faults and I freely admit them. I believe all men are born equal. I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I believe that we don't need a PC police checking on our 1st amendment. I don't believe we need the government to control our 2nd amendment. I want a life where there is limited government and get rid of the waste and the czars our POTUS has appointed. I believe the IRS outta stay out of which groups people belong to and I believe in God. I don't care about what color a man is. I am half Hawaiian and my father was white. When I was a kid growing up, right after WWII and the Korean War I was treated different because my skin is brown. So if you are a different color than me, either accept it or don't. I don't care. Because I am a different color, I don't expect the government to take care of me. I don't want hand outs. I don't want a nanny state. And if you are Afro-American, you are no different than I. I did not do anything to you or your ancestors. Hawaii had no diseases until the white man came to our islands and then the whole culture almost died due to small pox. I don't hate the white people for that and I don't preach discrimination. I just want our fellow man to get along with each other. Think it can't happen??? Look at the good people of South Carolina and then look at the disgraceful system and politics in Baltimore. I have no hate in my heart but I have disdain for those who want to take my rights away. If you don't like our system, please feel free to leave. I will close the door behind you. I wish you the best, but once you leave, don't come back. You don't want us and we surely don't want you!!!

    P.S. This is to Louis Farrakhan: When you are ready to leave, I have a small boat with a weeks worth of C-rations which I will provide. I will give you a lead lined life preserver to protect your from sharks. I will provide you with a boat paddle so you can navigate your way to where ever you wish. You might want to take an empty coffee can with you as the boat might be a bit leaky, but with a man with your determination, I am sure you can survive. Please don't bother to write as I am somewhat illiterate and may not understand so save some energy for your next insurrection. Go with my blessing and which ever God you may want to worship. Have a good trip!!! BTW- Reverend Wright will be a great ship mate. Choose carefully OB1
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