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    Well we have seen that poly guns have proven themselves to be not only very effective but also very dependable all with less weight. Now here comes the poly bullets which just might be the replacement for metal bullets just like poly replaced the metal guns in many cases.
    If it's cheaper to buy poly bullets and ammo with the same or even better results then I am all for it. It seems these are being used mostly for defense handgun rounds so they are not to replace cheap target ammo but they do make a less expensive target round nose version for target shooting.
    My question which I need pursue is with the light weight especially in a 45 1911 compact will they have a problem operating the slide for semi auto? Has anyone here used these new poly bullet ammo?
    Here is a link telling and showing about poly bullet ammo.
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    I talked to my little brother in Ca. yesterday and he said he went to a Cabela's store and every 3rd week-end they have a cowboy shoot. They dress in classic western attired and have to used a weapon that was used prior to circa 1900. The bullets they use, and most of them are shooting .38/.357 rounds are using the plastic bullets. However the targets are close (20 feet) and the targets are fairly good sized. I didn't ask him about velocity or recoil as I am not really into competition shooting. This is all I can relate to you.