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Welcome to the RugerTalk Forum !!

According to the 2012 Gun Digest Book of Guns and Prices...

A blued Police Service Six (Model 107) with 4" barrel chambered in .357magnum

in NRA Very Good condition is worth $ Good condition $ Fair condition $125

Keep in mind...the price is always what the market will's worth is based on the perceived need of the buyer.

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Welcome to Rugertalk,

Ive seen them floating around here, just like Shooter said.

I encourage you to drop in at Introductions, and introduce yourself.:)



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Welcome to the forum. Good to see someone posting a pic.

Checked my "Fjestad's blue Book" values. Book is a few years old. Showed 100% or LNIB @ 4 bils. A 98% one in great shape @ 3 bills. A 95% one in good shape 250 and on down. I would agree with the others and say @ 3 bills for a nice one,give or take. I sold one like yours with similar grips in 90% condition a few years ago for 250. So it's knda a ball park figuer and also bases on availability. Not a whole lotta older used Rugers floating around here.

Picked up this Police Service Six with a 2 3/4" barrel in blue a couple of years after I sold the other one for 2. It ws in near perfect shape then, but no original grips.


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I bought 3 Milwaukee PD stainless Service Six's several years ago. They were only on the streets for a year until MPD switched to Glock 22's. I cherish them, shoot them, and hope to never part with them!

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