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Any other podcast listeners out there? I listen to them while at work to help pass the time quicker. For those that don't know what a podcast is, basically they are Internet radio shows. Most are pre recoded then uploaded to the web, some are actual live shows. You can download them from iTunes, the show's websites or stream them to your smart phones using a variety of apps.

Some of the firearm related ones I listen to are and their broadcast frequency; The Gun Dudes(weekly), Pro-Arms Podcast (been very infrequent lately, but always very informative, can't go wrong with Massad Ayoob), Gunfighter Cast. (Was weekly, but the main host just retired from the Marines so is taking time to transition to civilian life), Canadian Reload Radio (weekly, it's not all about reloading), the Roadgunner Podcast (weekly). Would recommend any of those as they are entertaining and informative. I try to stay away from the heavily political ones, but do listen to them from time to time.

So what if any do you listen to recommend?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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