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I have had two other single sixes and stupidly sold them. I now have a NM Blackhawk 357 and a NM Bisley Blackhawk 44 Magnum, a Redhawk 357 (I Love them all but this Redhawk is just comfortable to shoot )
One of the single Sixes that I had was a three screw that was converted and I really never wanted an unconverted one and did not understand the big deal that everyone talked about the action. I thought the converted ones had a great action.
Well now I understand. I walked into my LGS yesterday (3-20-2015 and low and behold there set a three screw standard 6.5" Single Six. Bluing worn on Cylinder and end of barrel (holster wear ) but the gun actually looked to be in very good shape. No Dings , Dents and scratches. Original box and Wow it was a convertible model with the 22 Mag cylinder also.
I asked the salesman if it was a converted model. He did not know (he is really a good guy that I have known for just a short while but he runs an honest shop and I like doing business with him). I asked him if I could see it so he got it out and handed it to me. I have never seen a non converted Single Six in person before. I could not believe my eyes it was unconverted. Serial # started with 21-xxxxx so it is a 1972 model late 72. When I fingered the action I was bit. I could not believe the difference in feel and sound, the trigger pull was unbelievable. He had a price of $410.00 on it. I put it in Layaway until I could get the money up to buy it.
Well I picked it up today and could not be happier. I Love this little gun. Fired 12 rounds before I had to leave for work. It shot just a tad to the right and I thought it was just me, but after getting home from work and got to looking at the gun I noticed that the sight was drifted to the right which would of put just about where it was hitting. I drifted the sight center and I know it will be dead on now. The trigger is so light and crisp, just unbelievable.
Today I will also burn up some of my saved up 22LR and Magnum ammo.
Like I said this gun has some character and I really do like it that way.

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