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Pennsylvania checkin' in...!!

SE corner of the state...15 miles NW of Philadelphia.

Gun ranges visited include:


Wicens Farm, Furlong PA

Fort Dix ( Range #14 ), Brownsmills NJ


Classic Pistol, Southhampton PA

Clayton's Hunting & Fishing, Horsham PA

Delaware Valley Sports Center ( DVSC ), Philadelphia PA

Frank's Double Tap, Philadelphia PA

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In Texas now but spent most of my life in the Shamokin/Mount Carmel area. We did most of out shooting out the mountain in the stripping pits. Me an a friend had a 700 yard range set up there. Here in south Texas I have to join a club to have access to a 100 yard range as well as my own 50 yard range at my house. I miss those stripping pits!
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