Partial news reporting=fake news

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    Here is an article about the 60 minutes report on the Remington 700 which for some reason 60 minutes seemed to leave out pertinent information. This report could be viewed then as false/fake news reporting. For all the walking dead the report was meant to target them. I mean after all who would question a 60 minutes report? How would any follow up report get near the viewing let alone the viewing by those that saw the first report?
    I read a statement Einstein made..."it is easier to fool someone then to try and tell them they have been fooled".
    I also have read that a person usually is more likely to remember the first thing they heard than anything afterward. I guess Einstein understood that.
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    I have shot Remington rifles for years and never had any problem with them. Of course mine are of the older generation and not with the newer trigger. I am down to one Remington rifle now (700BDL 7mm mag), one that I have fond memories of that sustained me through many elk and muley trips. As far as I am concerned, it's hard to find a better all around rifle than a 700 whether it be a BDL or an ADL. Handled safely, as in all guns, you will find very, very few with problems. 60 minutes has always been an anti gun network and for years have promoted wanting to get rid of guns. They are completely biased. I used to watch them years ago but now have no desire to turn the TV to that channel.


    P.S. The only 2 things that are infinite in our lifetime is the universe and the stupidity of man!
    Quoted by Albert Einstein

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    Nowadays you can pretty well assume that the opposite of what the news tells you is the truth.