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What is a good price for used p89 in like new condition.
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I have two. Both are black frame and blued slide.
Bought one new in 1997 and the second one used last year.
The used one is in great condition, with case, extra mag, stamped steel mag loader, and Ruger padlock.
I thought $260 was a good price then.
Big Bill,
Thanks, a buddy of mine has one he is thinking about trading and was wondering about the value. Again thanks.
With this recent hysteria going on, firearm prices are all over the place.
I would not pay over $425 for one that is close to LNIB. I sold one last year with box, 2 mags, and papers for $400.
New Thread:

I purchased (and dearly love) a Puger KP95 last year for just under $400.00 and would like to buy another...My concern is are they still going to be available and affordable with the impending ban...

Ned Ryerson
I have instructed my wife to bury my P89 with me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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