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Friday morning my eyes open and I swing out of bed, before stumbling off to the bathroom I always move the P-90 from the night stand to under the pillow, but this morning I say, "your going to the range today". the P-90, I think, would be happy to go everyday. I had found some Winchester "military grade" fmj ammo for $18 a box, so shoot 'em up.
I like to decock after loading a mag so the first shot will be DA, the rest are SA.
this gun really fits my hands, I use a modified "death grip" with my right hand and a thumb forward, finger hooked on the trigger guard with my left hand. I'm trying to steer the gun and avoid loose groups and low, left shots. geez, I like shooting .45acp. (I usually shoot 9mm, but .45 is more fun.)
a P-90 might be a little big and heavy for lugging around all day, but for the money*, it's a great range and night stand gun.
(*I see used P-90's for $300-400 at the gun stores).
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