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    Okay I can take my aluminum hat off since I have made me a few orgone energizer/accumulators, There are people on the internet calling all the orgone energizers being just the latest fad for the crazies that will buy into anything. Some of their debunking of argone is almost laughable in itself. Well I decided to make a few of the orgone energizers myself and I quickly proved those doing the debunking need do a little more research into what's fake and what isn't.

    I made three orgone so called energizers and I found they proved to be other than fake fads for crazies. I made three in my utility room in the afternoon and by the time I went to bed they were cold to the touch meaning the resin had finished its chemical changes. Around 4 a.m. I was awakened by a super strong smell of the resin in my room and it got so bad I got up to see if maybe the orgone energizers had caught fire or were melting down for some reason. All three were cold to the touch and I didn't even notice the smell at the energizers. But the house was totally filled with the resin smell. All I can figure is the orgone energizers picked up no some negative energy and were transforming the energy from bad to good. Proof is in the pudding even if you don't know how the pudding was made.

    When I take a pendulum and hold it over the orgone energizers the pendulum at first starts to quiver then starts to swing in small counterclockwise circles. it then gains speed and the circles get larger diameter. The stronger energizers cause the circling t be faster and larger diameter. If I stand away from the energizer the pendulum will swing towards the energizer. I read that an energizer depending on its size and strength can be noticed was far away. I held the pendulum over each tree where I had set an energizer and watched the pendulum swing counter clockwise even with a fairly strong breeze not stopping it. I then went to the far corners of my 2 acres and at each corner the pendulum started swinging in a straight line towards the energizer. So the energy was being noted that far away.

    Orgone energizers will supposedly take negative energy from cell towers or wifi units and turn the negative energy/either into positive energy. One of the debunkers showed a test where he supposedly proved this was false because it didn't change his meter readings. Well what I found out was either his orgonite was junk or his meter couldn't read the ether/energy. The thing to consider is we are testing something that is perhaps not so much as a detectable energy but rather an invisible ether/energy.

    My pendulum worked better than his meter at proving the orgone energizer did change the energy/ether from dead to live orgone. I held my pendulum over the energizer and it circled ccw and when I held it over my wifi unit it circled cw. When I held off to the side from the energizer with the wifi on other side of the energizer the pendulum went ccw. Also holding it over the energizer it still swung ccc and when I held it over the wifi it still swung ccw. While still holding the ccw pendulum I removed the energizer and then the pendulum reversed and started swinging cw again. So my test proved the debunkers test as falty. Yes the orgone energizer can change wifi emf signals from dead orgone to active orgone. I guess plants growing much better when an orgone energizer is placed next to it is fake also. LMAO Perhaps someone did sneak in at night and put some miracle grow on the plants.

    Some will say a pendulum is acted upon by ourselves moving it rather than by an energy being it an ether or whatever it is. I am calling that crap until someone can prove it otherwise. It seems maybe we all should either make some orgone energizers or make some aluminum hats. Anyone want an aluminum cowboy hat? LMAO
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    Does it work if you raise your left foot over your head?

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    LOL I haven't tried that because I fear I will fall over and perhaps straight down not in circles.
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    :nuts: Perhaps it converts energy from certain substances being inhaled in the room?