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One level up from rumor

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One of my clients told me Wednesday that his son, who works at Ruger Newport in revolver ass'y/test, has been working 10 hour shifts lately.
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And you should draw your own conclusions, Paul. If you communicate them, you will be starting a rumor.


My own conclusion: Ruger is anticipating demand for their recent additions to their product line - or - another post-massacre run on guns is underway, and Ruger is responding -or - something else is happening.

Rumor Watch > Rumor Warning.
I sure like the looks of the stainless 4 1/2" barrel!! That would be a fun shooter. It's too bad that we can't find the type of ammo we used to get years ago.......for instance Winchester Wildcats for $9.99 a brick. I never had any trouble with those rounds and I went through them by the thousands. Would love to turn back the clock.

It could mean some really big news will be coming from Ruger soon.
Good help is hard to find so all of the good hands are having to take up the slack by working extra.
Maybe it means nothing at all..............

Me, I'm hoping they are working out the last few details for the new Ruger Lever Action rifle line. :D
Did I just start a RUMOR???
HMMM A lever action Ruger. LOL
And..........they're making the #1 in 600 Nitro Express!
And..........they're making the #1 in 600 Nitro Express!
By golly, there's a powerful rumor!
^^^Good Lord don't let Jim see that. He will start asking for Santa to bring him one...:D
Its getting closer to xmas and demand for guns is high?
who hasn't gone xmas shopping for themselves?
lots of toys I've been eyeballing for a while
happy holidays!
Further questioning of my client revealed that his son is working 10 hour shifts - 4 days per week. Phooey.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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