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    Today I happen to see a NRA commercial explaining how our second amendments rights are being violated. It gives a 1-800 number to call in and express your opinion. Next time I see it I will write the number down and put it on this thread. BTW, I have contacted my congressman and state senator (I hate to say this but it's John McCain) of whom I don't trust. I got a response back from my congressman (Rep. Jeff Flake) immediately as I asked for a response HOWEVER I DID NOT get the same courtesy back from McCain. They need to know, especially McCain that they were sent back to Congress to PROTECT our rights, not to be just a good ole boy. I, along with the rest of you are tired of being criminalized because we are gun owners. Obama publicly stated that: If I can't get their guns, I will get their ammo. The .223 round is just the beginning. I encourage all to call the 1-800 number when I can see the commercial again and post it. God bless America!!!