noticing guns used by actors

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    I watched Bullet the other night and I noticed the revolver Steve McQueen had looked like a Colt Python. The 4" ribbed barrel as well as the shape of it caused me to think it was a Python. That kind of surprised me seeing that because in the movie he is wearing an upside down vertical shoulder holster. The butt in the holster doesn't look as big as a K or L frame revolver.

    I quite often notice Beretta 92fs are used in movies. The barrel and slide are a dead give away they are Berettas.

    In the TV cop series Blue Bloods I think the commissioner carries a J frame S&W 36 snub revolver in his pocket. I am not sure what most of the other guns carried on the show are. Most don't look to me like Glocks.

    I always thought the holsters John Wayne wore looked so small compared to what most western actors in movies had. He also wore his holster much higher than most actors did.
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    I try to figure out the guns too. In movies from the 80s it seems like the generic bad guys had Ruger P series sometimes. But without close up camera angles it's hard to tell sometimes...
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