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    So, empty nesting and my wife decides she is going to learn to hunt. She has a Marlin 60 and a 783 and loves both and has listened and followed directions well out to 100 yards, we are going to try a different range soon for further and varied distances. All is great on that front. She has also gotten better at the Remington 870 Magnum Express 20 Gauge. But, all 3 are smaller rifles, compact, youth models. I find them all too short.

    She has tried my Lever 30-30, 6.5CM Bolt, Pump 12 Gauge, as well as Breech loading 410 and 20 Gauge, the 30-30 and 12 Guage she doesn't like. She likes the 6.5 though, and it is a full length rifle that my 6'2" frame enjoys.

    This fall we have a new place to hunt, distances will range from 35 yards to 384 yards. Now, I personally try and stay under 300, but I have taken game further. Her, time will tell how confident she feels. So, deer rifles…..

    Oh, and the important part, she has set her budget around $500 for everything. Originally she wanted $250 and I had her go to Bass Pro with me (higher prices to lessen the final sticker shock) and she doubled it.

    What would you recommend? She like "older looking" wood and blued metal. But she also has a turquoise and stainless 9mm that she calls pretty. So, what caliber and package?
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    Well it doesn't have a wood stock but... The Ruger American rifle is said to be a good, accurate shooter.
    They even have models that come with a Vortex Crossfire scope mounted.
    Vortex has a lifetime warranty that they will honor if it's ever needed.
    Don't know how much this setup actually sells for but sug retail from Ruger makes me think she might be able to get it for a price that is fairly close to her $$$ limit.

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    Well, I don't know about what rifle would appeal to her, but the 7mm-08 is a good deer cartridge.
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    She got a 243, got her wish list filled for $430 plus the government's mandatory penalties for buying things.

    She is very happy to have it, now to start her shooting it. Plus, she got her wood stock and blue barrel with a scope. Mossberg Patriot Youth Model in .243[​IMG]
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    Very nice looking rig. I am sure she will love shooting it.
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    I don't think y'all could have chosen a more perfect rifle .
    For the range, for the lady ,
    The size of rifle and the perfect caliber for deer at the ranges you mentioned.
    Great fit .
    Look forward to hearing her first deer story.
    Good luck.