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    I suppose a few have heard about Jade Helm 15 military exercises already in some states now and coming to 12 or more states this summer from 7-15 to 9-15-15. Texas as well as some of the other states involved are being rated as red zones or possible threat by patriots, veteran military, and constitutional supporters.
    Bildenberger group has maps showing areas with high numbers of military veterans. Texas had 3 areas and areas in other states as well mapped out. Many of these areas are also areas that Jade Helm 15 will be taking part in.
    Here is a video of FEMA and DHS mobile command busses parked at a FEDX terminal in Round Rock, TX. Pictures were taken of military equipment being unloaded at the closed WalMart stores which just happen to be close to where these Jade Helm 15 operations will be taking place this next few months.
    This so called training exercise seems it could possibly be more than that. This is not looking good.
    It seems due to mass reporting that FCC has dropped taking over the internet making it a public utility using Net Neutrality. Guess again! FCC has already started internet censorship.
    There comes a time when people need wake up to the fact not all is just conspiracy tin foil hat theory. Nothing like Jade Helm 15 has ever taken place to this magnitude in the USA. We better watch as close as possible to stay informed of what actually takes place. Let's hope for the best.
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