Nostalgia has taken over my senses

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    After my first Nam tour in the Infantry I rotated stateside and went to recon school. I went in to the school as an E3 Lance corporal and came out as an E4 corporal. Unlike other services a corporal in the Corps is considered a non commissioned officer. It was a real ego boost. Upon graduating recon school I had the option of serving more months at home, but I asked to be reassigned to a recon battalion in Nam. About six weeks later I was in Nam as part of the 3rd Recon Battalion operating in I Corps (Utmost north section of South Vietnam. Recon platoons (12 men) carried different weapons based upon mission. Noncoms got to pick a weapon. Many selected the M3 45 ACP and some selected the 30 Cal M1 carbine. I selected the Carbine because it had better ballistics than the M3, and and the M16 was still jam prone when used the harsh environment of Nam. Sometime I would take an M3 when the mission would better call for it. So, I really got to like the Carbine, in spite of its faults, which were no worse than M16 and M3 faults.

    Yesterday, I took notice to the Ruger 10/22 replica of the M1 Carbine. Damn it just keeps calling out my name saying buy me. Now I am not generally an impulse buyer. However I am good at rationalizing to achieve outcomes drive by desire rather than need. OK! I am not perfect.

    Some month ago before my broken foot forced a long postponement of my many months long trek, I was considering purchasing a 22 long gun for small game hunting to be able to add protein to the dehydrated grains I would carry. I looked at many 22 long guns. Then the broken foot ended it all for a time. That time is running out and I am considering a 22 rifle again. That is how I came across the Ruger M1 Carbine 10/22 model. It is an exclusive model and so cost more than another Ruger 10/22. So I am weighing the trade off of feel good nostalgia and $$.

    Today is my 75th birthday. Should I give myself this represent?
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    First and foremost let me say thank you so much for your service. AS for the present, if you can afford it, I say get it.

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    Damn straight you should. Feel good nostalgia is very important at 75. Or anytime after three score and ten for that matter, but 75 is a Special.
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    Most of the time I feel that 65 is special. I was on the way to nam as a 50cal on a river gunboat. Nixon signed the piece treaty three months before I was supposed to go. Do ya'll think I'm crazy because I have never got over the letdown of not going? I trained hard for it, got psyched up to go, then BAMM!
    Allen, thank you for going twice. Took guts in my book!
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    Happy birthday Allen!

    As for the rifle, we're a bunch of enablers, of course you should buy it
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    Happy birthday, and yes, get the rifle. You deserve it.
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    Muy bueno compadre!!!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!! Buy the gun. Be nostalgic. Shoot the hell outta it!!!!!!!!:D
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    Many thanks buster. I was planning to look online for a bargain since the model is really expensive from the exclusive dealers. Then price on the listing you provided is great. I am going to do a quick search, and if I do not find a better deal within the next hour, I am going to buy the one you directed me to. Thanks again.
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    Happy Birthday allenr, thanks for your service. Looks like a great little .22lr, enjoy.
  11. Tommycourt

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    Happy birthday Allen and may you have many more. Pick out the rifle you have earned and enjoy the heck out of it!!!


    Also, thank you for your years of service protecting our freedoms.
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    Go for it, you definitely earned it. Thank you for your service.