Norwegian-made Helle GT hunting knife

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    Two years ago my I was in a Fjallraven, Norwegian outdoor store in Boulder, CO looking at sheath knives. My wife told me she would buy whatever I wanted for Father's Day/birthay gift.
    So I chose this beautiful Helle knife, the GT model with a 4 7/8' blade and full grain leather sheath.

    Helle is a long-time knife maker on Norway's south west coast in an old factory with skilled craftsmen as many of the operations are not CNC controlled - thankfully. The nice feature of most Helle blades is that they are laminated with a thin, high Rockwell hardness core for the edge and more flexible steel laminated on each side for strength. (American knifemker Morseth also did this for his knives.)
    I feel I'll need to sharpen this knife a lot less when field dressing a deer or antelope due to its hard steel edge compared to my old Gerber Parabellum stainless lock blade folder.

    Take a look at all the Helle knives. You may find one - or a few - that suit your needs.
    BTW, the Piragis Northwoods Company catalog has a lot of Helle knives for sale. As well it has several models of the US made Council Tool axes in the catalog.

    Eric B.
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    OK Paul, I'll try my hand at posting some photos of that beauty.
    Meanwhile fo to Piragus Northwooed Catalog online and have a look.