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Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by buster40c, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. buster40c

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    I was out driving out into the country then back into another city and I saw several huge Trump Pence signs but not even 1 vote for Hillary sign. I seriously doubt any of these fake poll results that say Hillary is beating Trump. I have seen some independent polls saying Trump has around 85% to Hillary's under 30%. This I can more believe because basically the majority of Hillary voters are the paid for news mass media. I read that clothing items for supporting Trump are out selling Hillary's by a landslide.
    If everything about this election isn't rigged I would be totally amazed. Soros himself has said Trump will take the popular vote but Hillary will win the electoral votes. If truth comes out I believe it will truly be a landslide win for Trump, but we don't really deal in political truth these days now do we?
  2. phideaux

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    I watch the signs also,

    I have seen 1(one) Hillary sign within 40 mile radius of me, but plenty of Trump signs.

    Last month when we went to Pigeon Forge TN, ....same story , We seen 1(one) Hillary sign ( 12 hour trip) but many, many Trump signs.

    But this is the heartland , not the left and right coasts.

    Cant say what the signs are in Commiefornia or New York area.


  3. havasu

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    I'm thinking these liberals are not advertising their Clinton love because of fear that we will direct all the homeless to their residences, just like I can't display my Trump sign for fear of being shot at for being a racist. Our world is going in a direction that I find really disturbing.
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    I don't get out a lot but I haven't seen any political bumper stickers. I think you have a point in people are afraid for anyone to know who they support.
    Years ago I had a third party political sticker save America and a few cars honked or gave the peace sign, sometimes bikers would give me a thumbs up, and one woman came up beside me and flipped me the bird.
  5. SavageGuy

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    ^^the only bumper stickers I see up here in northern Idaho are the ones that say

    'Hillary Clinton for prison, 2016'

    I smile every time I see one.......
  6. VThillman

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    More Trumps than Hillarys, but not many of either. The state-level races are dominant. On the vocal front though, folks seem more dismayed by Trump's personality. The Hillary kind we are used to seeing in the news.