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    Anyone wonder why this administration is not being stopped from illegal actions? Same as Hillary has gotten nothing but a free get out of jail card. Anyone that thinks it couldn't happen in the USA better open their eyes to what is going on that the mass public news media isn't reporting about. If hitlery wins 2016 election of presidency then kiss this country goodbye if anything is left by the time or if Obama gets the boot from the WH.

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    Obama stated today that there is a lot to do in his last year of serving office. You can bet your sweet bippy that gun control is going to be one of the measures he is going to try hard to pass. He won't let a sleeping dog lie. During his press conference today, prior to going to San Berdo and then on to Hawaii for his family vacation, he said he is going to work harder on getting some legislative issues passed and he will do it if he has to us his presidential fiat powers. Should Hildebeast get in, she will take up where he left off and gun control will be one of her main issues. The Dems are going to lead the sheep around like a flock following a shepard and she wants to be the head shepard.

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    He has 13 months left to finish what he has determined to do from day one..

    Disarm the citizens..

    That WILL be his sole agenda for

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    Yeah TX governor said not in Texas but he doesn't wear big enough pants. They are here and more coming. We the tax payers according to the government have more than enough money to care for these illegal refugees. Every attempt is being made to totally destroy the economy which in reality sucks hot air. Obama has kept one promise...he would transform the USA. He didn't say the end transformation would be good for Americans.
    Think about what new added costs will be associated with all the illegal immigrants. No way can more than 50% of population on the take be sustained. The omnibus bill just passed will be the blank check that will sink our country.