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NO Ammo...!

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what is going on?...there is almost no ammo in Florida...even 22lr...and if you can find some it's "dirty"...and if you can find something good they can only give you a box...same will my buds in Tennessee...are you guys experiencing the same situation...spent an hour on the net last ammo...

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” (Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759.
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I'm also in Florida and I feel your frustration!
"they" don't need gun ammo
It's pretty much a Nationwide thing.Some shops still have some and some that do are charging 2 or 3 times as much.
I heard Wally World sells out in hours after the truck unloads. Local gunshops have some at 30 % mark up. I bought a bulk pack of cheap Remingtons that usually cost around $ 18.00 for $ 29.00, good thing is it will last me a while.
It's terrible where I'm at. I can't catch the 'Mart truck for the life of me. And yeah, it's pretty much emptied and carried to the checkout within the half hour. 9mm's gone, 45's gone, 22lr's (?!?) GONE and .308's not a chance in hell. I see a few deals here and there on Armslist, but I didn't expect to be thinking that ¢40/round for 9's would be a "deal". Good gravy. My $15 box of 525 Remington 22's is obviously a thing of the past.

My gun club has been rationing since Sandy Hook so luckily I get to buy a spittle. But it's all limited to 100 rounds of anything, and 50 of the 5.56/223. They haven't had 9mm's in weeks because they saved them all for a league thing. It's getting frustrating that I might have to spend money on finally fixing the car instead of stocking some rounds.
this is becoming an interesting thread...something here doesn't pass the "smell" test...
Thats why i reload. But it is getting harder and harder to find components. Primers especially!
I bought so much surplus 308 when it was relatively cheap, $100-$130 a K, had around 15K, another 3-4K each of 223 & 7.62x39, started trading it off 4-5 years ago for 45, 40, & 9mm, almost every time I was in Wally world, I'd pick up a bulk pack of .22 or 5-10 boxes of the sub-sonic, I have several ammo cans of ammo and shot-gun shells, I don't think my grand kids will ever need to buy ammo. Just loaded my son up with quite a nice assortment. Not to brag, but the best time to buy anything, is when it's in front of you, or else you can pretty much bank on not getting it...
Not to brag, but the best time to buy anything, is when it's in front of you, or else you can pretty much bank on not getting it...
That was my plan the past couple years -- buy a couple bulk packs a month of one caliber or another (a good reason to limit your calibers and stick to them -- mine being 9mm, .38/.357, .22 and 12 gauge). Kept well ahead of range usage and took advantage of sales. Lucked out when I finally picked up a Kel-Tec SU-16 in September last and figured I better set in some .223. I had pretty much finished getting all the stock I needed (and can comfortably store) just a couple weeks before things went sideways. Same went for mags -- I had gotten five more 30-rd. .223 mags the week before Sandy Hook for about $13 each.

Now it's just a matter of being patient until all the BS settles down, just like after the last panic buying and run-up. If nothing else, it is one commodity investment in which I have a good (if very small by market standards) position. :rolleyes:
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I know quite a few guns traders at the area gunshows. Some were buying all the ammo they could out of Wally Worlds during the last panic. They were selling at the gunshows at 2-3 times what it cost.

I was at a show this weekend working a trade table. No, I did not buy up all the ammo. I keep what I get cheap when I buy used guns. An older man I know came by and told me there was a guy that had several cases of Fed Bulk Pack .22s at his table. He was selling the 550 round packs for a hundred each. He did not say that he saw him sell any. I did not get to go look for myself cause the show was packed all weekend.
If you think finding ammo in Florida is hard, try to find anything in New York. Few guns and little to no ammo. Went to PA last week and was able to buy a brick of .22LR and was thankful for that.
We are seeing the same thing here in Colorado... not only ammo but primers, powder and bullets as well
I live in Tempe, AZ. And I've got friends that have been having trouble finding ammo too. I've heard that Wally world is limiting ammo to 3 boxes a day to anyone that wants to buy ammo. I was in a firearms store that I go to sometimes to get something for reloading and they had signs up that they were saling ammo but they would sale 100 rounds to you per caliber. They did have ammo to sale. But they were getting low on some of it. I do have 2 .22Lr's and one of them change the cyclendar and it will shoot .22 mag. I don't shoot them that much. I shoot my center fire huns more then the .22's. I also reload the ammo for them. I have more the 2000 primers for both large and small pistols so I'm not going to run out very soon. The only problem I might have is getting powder for reloading. But I think that I have a place where I can get it when I need it. I tried to get some .357mag brass from Midway USA and they did not have any. They told me that they were having problems getting it too. and they did not know when they would be getting any in. I feel that with the new gun laws that may be coming that people are going crazy and buying up what they can before the new laws if any come out. Also there are groups that call themselves Prepper's and they are also buying up ammo to stock pile for when the end of the world comes. So they are stock piling everything that they think that they will need.
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Where the ammo is ?

I'll tell you where the ammo is, look on the Firearms auction sites where they want $0.15 - $0.35 a round for 22LR, and there is plenty of it. To really understand the crappy situation just look at how many of the sellers are gun shops and dealers that instead of selling to the public off the shelf, they auction their ammo off for a jacked up price. What a shame and I hate to say this out loud even though it's already been said, but Pres. O'Dammit and all the whiny gun control folks are the best thing to ever happen to the Firearms and Ammunition industry.:(
I use ammo but you have to watch the prices
Loks like more gun owners should have been in the voting line . We stood for close to 2 hours the first time and not as long the second. Now because enough Gun owners did not go vote or did not vot 2nd ammendment we all screwed. Only thing U can do now is call that senator and let him know where your vote stands next election. Remember Bill TEFLON Bill Clinton. He lost his power after the vote on guns at the midterm election. That is all we have for now. Call them voice your opinion and when the time comes let Ur vote do the talkin.
U to sorry to make a phone call. What makes U think U deserve gun rights at all. Go ahead get mad . I got stuff for me and mine.
Tough to find around here in Northern AZ as well, and if you do come across some it's not reasonably priced. I picked up a brick of 500 match target .22LR last week for $60. I got a new 10/22 Target I haven't even fired yet because I couldn't find any rounds until last week.

9mm, .22LR, .223/5.56, .308/7.62nato are like chasing the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow right now around here. Tons of .40s&w around glad I have a SR40, now just need an AR chambered in it. Rimfire wise I am starting to see more and more 17HMR on shelves recently :)
Gonna be just like the rechambe to 7.62 x 25 craze. Everyone wanted to do that with the Mcs and Uzis. Guess what,last machine gun shoot in Kty the stuff was 3 times higher and no one had much. I would like a few things but don't really need much .Just want. Like 7.62 x 25. Would like to have some of that.
Gonna be just like the rechambe to 7.62 x 25 craze. Everyone wanted to do that with the Mcs and Uzis. Guess what,last machine gun shoot in Kty the stuff was 3 times higher and no one had much. I would like a few things but don't really need much .Just want. Like 7.62 x 25. Would like to have some of that.
Hi giturgun, I do have about 150 rounds of 7.62x25 ammo. I use to have a CZ-52. I do not have the gun any more. But I do still have the ammo for it. If you'd like it I'd be glad to sale it to you. I think I paid around $ 9.00 a box for it. I'd be glad to sale it to you for $30.00 and that would include the price for me to send it to you. I live in Tempe, AZ. If you want it just let me know and we can make arrangements to get it set up. I'll just need you mailing address or if you live in or near the Tempe area we can get together and we can meet somewhere and do it. Just let me know either way. If I have to mail it to you then send me your mailing address and the money and I'll pack it up and sent it to you.
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