NM Blackhawk 45 Colt

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    Hi. I've been shooting for ... 50 years! Former NRA rifle pistol and shotgun instructor from waaay back. IPSC competitor back in the day. S&W .45 ACP 1911PD, 442. Charter .38, misc ARs, etc. 10/22 that i love :-0

    Posted here and elsewhere

    Clearly I've been lurking and not posting for years. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. Just nothing earthshaking to add to the vast knowledge base. Now ...

    In the new world of ammo and firearms shortages, i (hopefully) have a New Model Blackhawk 45 Colt on the way. I've been jonesing for a big bore revolver for years. Just ... because. ;-)

    Lessons learned: 1. Be patient. So difficult, since I was used to running down to LGS and taking my pick.
    2. Be patient. NM BH 45 Colt in 5-1/2" barrel is ... uh, wait and see.
    3. 45 Colt ammunition. Buy it when you can. Buy as much as you can. Really? The military is converting to .45 Colt to create a shortage? <-- j/j
    4. Reloading back in my future. Wait. What? Oh, brass, yeah, sure I'll find that ... some day

    Comments on grips, holsters, etc welcome

    -jb, the back of the room sort of guy ;-)
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    Sorry to be replying to my own thread. Not trying to bump the count.
    Range report in the forum of that name ...

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    Soooooo...you bought a new revolver, in .45 Colt?
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    Clearly nothing gets past you. :D

    -jb, understanding why there's so little traffic on this forum