Nikon P-223

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  1. ifithitu

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    I got this Nikon P-223 Precision AR Optic for my birthday from my son. I'm going to have it mounted on my Ruger 556.

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  2. Fireman22

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    After the install I'd love to see some pics and hear about the performance. I've yet to do anything to my stock AR-556 but have often though about adding an optic of some sort.
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  3. 67stingray

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    I installed on of them on my Ruger AR-556, I am happy with it and think you'll be pleased. Trying to post a picture but too large for server to process.
  4. Pancho_Villa

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    Muy bueno compadre!!!! Makes it alot easier to shoot at a distance. I have to have scopes on mine cause of advanced glaucoma. Can't see anything withthe iron sights now. Can't even see the sights actually.

    Got a couple of Simmons 3X9X40 scopes on my .300 B.O. hand built on a matched Anderson upper/lower and a beater D.P.M.S. in 5.56. Both were very low on the guns and hard to pickup quickly. So, I tried a riser on the .300 B.O. That helped alot. Gonna get a riser for the DPMS. also.

    Got a similar scope on an old Colt AR SP1 A1. It is a 3X9X50. Mounted ont he carry handle, it's a bit too high. But, it works.

    Yeah, some pics and a range report of your rifle/scope combo would be nice.