Nice article on the SR45

Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by FrogSwatter, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. bikeride4fun

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    Great article....the SR45 looks like a great gun.....

  2. jbardellini

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    Thanks for sharing the links.

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  3. refugee

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    bought the first one I found, read the article(s) later. the SR series is a good one and I felt the 45 would be a welcome addition. the article is correct. the Sr45 is now my favorite in the series.
  4. yooper

    yooper New Member

    Good grief. Here we go again! My wife is absolutely gonna kill me if I come walking in the house with yet another pistol. But you know what?,i'll deal with that when the time comes. gotta see bout gettin me one of these...
  5. LT2108

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    I believe, this is my next weapon :)
  6. Blaze

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    Looks great but hopefully the SR45c be out next
  7. OldTexan

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    I picked one up several weeks ago. Haven't put a lot of rounds through it yet, but it is great shooter. Comfortable and accurate.

    The back grip has a reversible insert which I changed to flat and it fits my hand much better that way.

    I've run factory FMJ RN's, HP's, and several different reloads including RN Lead. Eats it all with no issues.

    The Glock guys complaints about the thumb safety and trigger drift have me puzzled. Must be a Glock thing as the safety is easy and the trigger on mine is comfortable enough. Not as crisp as a 1911 but as good as any striker fired pistol I've shot, IMHO

    The gun is somewhat larger than I thought it would be. Lighter than a 1911 but wider. Magazines load easier than other double stacked I've owned. Can't figure the loading tool out that comes with it so don't use it.

    Overall a solid well fit gun that Ruger did right.;)
  8. RUT

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    Oh, I'm sure it will be. I'm wanting an SR40C right now. :)
  9. LCR-lover

    LCR-lover Member

    I went on backorder for one at BUDS I think I will be very pleased with it. The last price was $407. I already have it in 9mm and .40 cal. Can't wait!
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  10. colin1230

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    I'm in the market for a full size .45 acp but not a 1911, got one, a Colt Gold Cup. I have been reading all of the reviews and the SR45 is at the top of a short list. Another reason I'm leaning toward it is I have an SR9c that I like very much, great trigger. I was in the LGS last week and finally got a chance to fondle one. Its large size surprised me. Don't know why but it did. The backstrap was installed arch side out so it felt even larger in my hand. The sales rep let me dry fire it and I was disappointed in the trigger, gritty big time. I guess with my SR9c I expected better. Out of all fairness, I know the trigger will improve greatly with use so I'm not counting the SR45 out, just that one. I think patience is in order. I would also like to check out a Gen4 Glock 21. Who knows, when I'm ready to pull the trigger, the SR45c may be out. That would be a hoot.
  11. LCR-lover

    LCR-lover Member

    Got my SR45

    I picked it up today at my local ffl dealer,an I am very pleased with it. I cleaned it and inspected it.
    The trigger pull is a little longer and harder than my SR9c or the SR40c or either of my XD45's ,it will get better with some dry firing.
    I want to shoot it side by side with one of my XD'S to compare handling and compare the recoil,some articles says that it is the softest shooting 45 on the market. Unfortunately I will not know for at least a month 'cause I need to get spinal disc surgery (cant stand up now for very long because of pain) but at least I got the gun ahead of time and it will give me something to look forward to during rehab.
    Range report and pictures next month!!
  12. Butters

    Butters New Member

    Ive made up my mind, 100% certian my first offcial pistol will be the Ruger SR45.
    I have shot the SR9 and find it very ergonomical, and pretty darn accurate.
    45acp is a tad more expensive, but this will be a "fun" gun, so i will likely buy the bulk stuff.
    Thanks for the article, nice post.
    For those of you that own an SR, are there any additions i should make, new sights and such?
  13. passtime

    passtime New Member

    I ordered an SR 45 last week and received it on Friday. After a thorough cleaning I took it out to shoot on Saturday. Great shooter and accurate out of the box. Low recoil and fits nicely in my hands. I had worked my way out from (7) yrds. to (15) yrds. and was on my (90th) round and the magazine release malfunctioned. The magazine would not release and there was no resistance in the release button. Being a Saturday I had to wait until Monday to call Ruger. Within (10) minutes of contacting them I had a return label in my inbox for UPS next day air. I shipped it today. I did not post this to discourage anyone from purchasing the SR 45. I just wanted to relay my experience. I did a few months of research before I purchased this handgun and was aware of problems others have had with the SR 45 one of which is with the magazine release. After (90) rounds I had (1) FTF but I do not blame it on the handgun. I believe it was a defective primer. Ruger has great customer service and I am sure they will remedy any problem I may have. Just keep in mind this is a new platform and may have some bugs that need to be worked out. Happy trails.
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