New York gun owners insurance

Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by phideaux, Feb 18, 2017.

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    Constitutional yes as I see it. In PA you can get a vehicle registration or renewal without proof of insurance. I think that is true in many states. If they can legislate then they must be able to do with firearms.

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    LMAO. So they claim voter ID is unconstitutional because it causes a hardship for poor people to get registered to vote but it's not the governments concern if a poor person can't afford $250,000 liability insurance to buy/have a gun.
    They just don't get "shall not infringe". No they don't want to take your 2nd rights away!
    Let them try this in Texas. Will not happen!
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    Well buster, I agree with you. The imposition of insurance on gun owners is another attempt to inhibit gun ownership. I do understand and accept eh requirement or have insurance on any vehicle that will travel on public roads. The probability of an accident warrants it. In 2016 just over 40,000 people were killed in car accidents. Driving is much more dangerous than flying or being exposed to gunfire.

    Gun deaths in 2016 were about 15,000 including gang warfare and criminal activity. Additionally there were about 22,000 suicides by gun in 2016, but it would be unfair to include those in a comparison with auto accident deaths.

    I have been solicited to purchase gun owners liability insurance in case I get sued for shooting someone. I will never buy it. I am a highly disciplined gun owner. I will not shot someone by accident. I will not shoot anyone without clear cause. I operate on the basis that facts prevail in such matters so I am not going to be liable if I do shoot someone. I do not worry about a frivolous lawsuit from a person I might have to shoot. Likely that the victim will née dead. I'll deal with the next of kind lawsuit if and when it happens. A justified shooting is just that. The quest insurance is to shoot only when you can justify it.
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    I would rather be judged by 12 rather than carried by 6.

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    Constitutional ? .... They don't care about no Constitution !!! .... I feel for you people in states like that.

    Driving a car is a privilege... Owning a gun is a right DANG IT ! :mad: Two entirely different things!

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    I seemed to have missed seeing anything in the link about cars or having insurance to drive them.

    I do have legal protection for in case I am involved in a shooting. I don't have it because of an accidental shooting of someone, I have it because I might have to shoot someone to save a life and some district atty. might want to see me jailed for saving a life with a gun. Also possibly protecting me from the parents wanting to make money off their innocent but wayward child being killed. I don't see this as insurance but rather my legal representation being taken care of.

    I seriously doubt this bill will be voted into law as it has had versions of the bill before that didn't get passed.

    "Versions Introduced in Previous Legislative Sessions:2015-2016: A5864
    2013-2014: A3908A"