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New Toy

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Today is the day.
Today is the day
I can pickup my Henry
L/A 22.
Damn cal. laws.
The long waiting period
The paperwork
The add on fees
Should not complain though
we can see how all of this has reduced crime :rolleyes:

Sorry that Ruger has not entered the L/A arena.

Next I would like to get the Henry 45. Colt L/A
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Glad to see you are getting a new toy. Just remember Virginia, there is a Santie Claus and he will be there very soon. I admit not soon enough, so just think of the rush you will have when you get it. Then comes the waiting time for shooting it. BUT the good news is you will have it and can oil the heck out of it and hold it up and practice your grip. Happy for you!!!
Congrats on the new toy.

Those are nice rifles..


I have a Henry Golden Boy 22LR- probably a thousand rounds through it without a hiccup. They are fantastic rifles. I had a Big Boy 357/38 which was just as good, but I got rid of it for quick cash to help a friend. I will replace it one day. I haven't run any of the other Big Boy's, but I liked the 357/38 because I could save some money or ammo.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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