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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by shooter1911, Aug 28, 2014.

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    Hello folks, I've been a big Ruger fan here in Texas since my college days when I bought my first Super Single Six. That was over 50 years ago. OK, you figured it out I'm an old timer. I currently have a single six with a serial number in the low 60,000 range, a Super Single Six, Original Bearcat in the box, and I just listed my Super Blackhawk for sale on this forum. I almost forgot I gave my Security Six to my son who carries it as his field gun, and I have a 10-22 take down on order.

    As you can tell by my name I love 1911s and carry one often, but the older I get the more I am reverting back to my fun guns, which are the Ruger single actions in 22 caliber.

    Good to be here, and am looking forward to learning even more about these great guns.
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    Join the old timers club..:D as there are a few of us around here.

    Sounds like you got a nice Ruger collection.

    Thats a nice SBH, and IMO a good price.

    Good luck selling it.

    I think you might find a few threads here also about 1911s.


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    Welcome again, from deep south Texas!!!! Checked out you SBH for sale ad. Nice pistola. Got my first Ruger, an SBH in Aug. 76 right after graduating from college a few weeks before and getting married 1 week before. My 38th wedding any was Aug. 28th. Got another SBH in 77. That was38 years ago, which gives ay an idea of my age. So now I don't feel so old:D

    Had to trade one of the SBHs for a short Black Hawk in .41 mag cause there were no short SBHs at the time unless someone cut one down like you did. The .41 got carried alot more as a hunting rfle backup till I got a 4" S&w 629.

    I had a like new, 4 digit Single six Flatgate for many years, but I did not get it new. So, I ain't that old.:D

    Got more Rugers than anything else. Lotta good people here. Please, join in!!!!!
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    Welcome! Jump on in and have fun! :D Glad you've joined us!
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    Welcome from WI
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    Welcome from Bastrop Texas!
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    Thanks for all the comments guys. I know it never looks good when you start your life on another forum by putting a gun up for sale, but unfortunately I have been on another Ruger forum for years, but my account is totally messed up due to an email change. I finally gave up after years of whining to the administrator and joined this forum.

    When it comes to Ruger single actions I feel just like Skeeter Skelton when he said "he had guns for saving his bacon, and then he had Ruger single actions which were the fun guns". I probably miss quoted Skeeter on this one, but you get the point. The only reason I sold my SBH was because at my age I no longer stomp around the mountains with a hunting capable gun on my hip, and the SBH is too big for my needs these days. I still carry a 44 in the field, but these days it is a S&W Mountain Gun. With my 250gr HC Keith 44 Special loads at about 900 fps it is still fun to shoot and handles most of my needs. When I sneak off to Colorado back woods for fly fishing, the Mountain Gun comes along with the same bullet loaded to 44 Magnum levels. This one is not fun to shoot, but it serves its purpose.

    I hope the guy who bought my SBH will be as pleased with the gun as I was for many years. Now if I stumble on a .357 Black Hawk with 4 5/8 barrel or a Lipsey 44 Special Bisley (hint hint) I might be persuaded to get my check book out.