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  1. Iowalefty

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    Just picked up a used LCP with CT laser on GB. It looks brand new. Plan to hit the range today and see how it shoots. I stripped and cleaned it and then added a Hogue grip, bought an extra mag and put a fresh battery in the laser. Ready to rock and roll!
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  2. Iowalefty

    Iowalefty New Member

    Just got back from my first range trip with my new LCP. I ran 80 rounds of mixed reloads and Gold Dot through it, without a single hiccup. Ran everything flawlessly and I though recoil was very mild. That may be due to the Hogue grip, but it felt great in the hand.

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Sounds like you found a winner...
  4. Ernesto

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    What did ya pay for it if ya don't mind?
  5. phideaux

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    Congrats on the LCP,

    Nice shooters.

  6. Iowalefty

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    $276 plus $15 shipping. Was described as used with a little wear on the top of slide from carry. The only slight wear I can see is on top of the chamber, where the slide comes over when racking the slide. Bluing looked 100% to me and if is was carried, it must have been in a velvet bag. :) Inside it appeared to be, if not unshot, VERY low round count. Serial number puts it 2011-2012 and the only thing wrong was the battery was weak in the laser, which I switched out right away. Heck of a deal, I think!
    It shoots so nice, I am pretty sure I will loss it to my wife, as soon as she shoots it. Which is fine. Be a good reason to buy another one.:D
  7. louchia

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    I also have an LCP. Like it very much. It's my EDC. I also have the Hogue grips. They really help with felt recoil. They also ad a little thickness to the grip to make it more comfortable in the hand. If you have not already tried Pierce grip extensions, you may like the extra 1/2 in. length.
    A word of caution. Keep an eye on the take down pin. It may back out while firing many rounds. There has been some talk about of this on the forums.
    Mine backed out and the slide and springs went down range.
    Contacted Rugar and they sent out a new pin and springs at no charge.
    The new pin was slightly different.
    Have not had a problem since with that issue.