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Hey dwarren,

Welcome to Rugertalk,
I shop often in Clarksville, we are up at Ky Lake area.
Are you military by chance .? Ft Campbell is where I did basic training in 1966.

Nice grab on the Ruger, Im sure your gonna love it.

If you get a chance , I encourage you to go over to Introductions, and tell us a little about yourself.


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Congrats on the SR9......welcome to RT...

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Welcome to the forum. The SR9 IMO has to be the absolute best bang for the buck available. I have an SR40c and it is on top of my most liked list. One thing nice about Ruger is you pay a great price to get quality instead of paying for the name.

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You beat me to it!

Retired ARMY, retired in 1992 from Ft. Campbell.
My next Question was from "What unit" once I saw "Clarksville"

Was an early member of the 160th(1-82-12-84)...
" yes, the "Frog pond" is an interesting place....

I have had my SR9 for about 18 months now, along with my LC9.Also have my late Dad's security six and P85...and my wife has an SP101 & an LCR...
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