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Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by greg_r, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. greg_r

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    The Security 9 has been a best seller, the GLOCK 19 killer they call it. You can’t walk into a gun store without tripping on it or their accessories. I did the Tell the CEO thing and asked for a Security 9 sub compact, a Sig P365 killer, if you will. Yesterday Ruger released just that. The Security 9 compact. They left the barrel about a half inch too long, but it’s close enough for me, and I went to my favorite gun store and ordered one, not available yet, but I am eagerly waiting the shipment from the distributor. Wonder why they released it with no announcement? I would think that this would be a best seller. I just stumbled upon it.
  2. greg_r

    greg_r Well-Known Member

    Well, my Security 9 compact showed up at the LGS today. Unfortunately I am out of town and will not be back until next weekend. Looking forward to shooting it though.

  3. Timbermart

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    Time for an update. How do you like it?
  4. Carl Crosby

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    I am considering either a SR 9 or the Security 9, or the S&W M&P 2.0 Compact, leaning toward the SR. Does anyone have thoughts on one vs the other? Experience?
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    Carl, if you can try to rent the S&W before you make a commitment. I had the gen1 not a fan of that 'pivot trigger' system they use, I don't trust it. And they are using the same system on the gen2. Ever since Glock sued them some years back they have tried to stay away from anything that resembles them, running scared.
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    My son has the SR9, and I have shot it. It's a solid pistol, just what you would expect from Ruger, but I can shoot my Security 9 just as accurately, and faster.

    Nothing wrong with the S&W, especially the 2.0 version...I have one of the generation 1's, and it is a solid pistol, period. The 2.0 has a better trigger, although it is articulated as all the M&P's are. The triggers on the 2.0 are better than my version are, and not as "heavy".

    Personally, my feelings are this. I shoot my Security 9 better than the SR or the S&W I have, but I would have to see how the Security 9 will hold up to, say, 6-7 thousand rounds before I could say it is the superior pistol. I am certain that the Ruger SR and the S&W will easily do that many rounds, and I have only around 500 or so many rounds through the Security 9, but it still seems to be doing just fine.

    These are just my personal thoughts.
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    If you use +p or +p+ ammo, go for the SR 9. I have both
  8. greg_r

    greg_r Well-Known Member

    I like it. Don’t like my pinky finger dangling and I had intended to use the extension, but I decided to just let the pinky dangle and use the flat base plate for east of conceal carry.

    It has proven itself reliable so far, although I have not really shot it that much. But I have shot it enough to be comfortable with it. About 600 rounds or so. Like it’s bigger brother, the Security 9 standard, it not the most accurate, but it is accurate enough.

    I have a P95DC, The American Pistol and the American Pistol Compact and the Security 9 and the Security 9 compact. The Security 9 pistols are my least favorite of the group, but the Security 9 is the most carried of the group. Go figure. The Security 9 compact I am sure will be carried a lot as well. Actually my most carried of all is the KAHR, or the LCR if I am in a revolver mood.

    I do wish that the Security 9 did not have a manual safety. It was designed after the LCP II which does not have a safety. But the safety on both of the Security 9 pistols is hard to engage. I just ignore them. Not to worried that they will inadvertently slip on (like the Shield was want to do) and they are easy to snick off if you like a manual safety.

    Bottom line, if I had to choose just one of the Rugers, it would be the American Pistol. I would say the P95DC but I prefer the single action style trigger of the American over the DA/SA of the P95DC. The Security 9 would come in last. But....there is always a but....if all I had was the Security 9 I would be happy and content.

    Ruger has made great strides lately in the "Race to the bottom" that has been the craze lately. People have seemed to adopt the token that good is good enough. . The American Rifle and the Security 9 are products of this trend I think (as is the new Wrangler revolver) If Ruger were to come out with an American Shotgun I think they would have the market cornered.