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Ruger a couple years ago introduced their American rifle series of composite stocked hunting rifles to offer an affordable alternative to their M77 series bolt-action guns. Well it seems that they have now upped the ante and brought out a version of this very gun out in both .22LR and Magnum.

The basic concept

This gun seems to be a dead center line between the rimfire versions of the M77, which are accurate tack drivers that are also at home when hunting for small game, and the semi-automatic 10/22 fun gun. In fact, it borrows the rear sights and the magazine of the 10/22, and feels very M77-ish in its handling. However, this is something altogether different.

(The new Ruger bolt-action 22 takes the proven mags of the 10/22 series, including the BX-25)

Adjustable triggers, stocks, and optics choices as standard

One departure from the 10/22 design with the American Rifle rimfire is the fact that the gun comes with a fully adjustable trigger. Dubbed the \'Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger\' it allows the end-user to dial its pull weight anywhere from crisp 3-pounds to a slightly heavier 5-pound mark. This is surely an answer to the \'trigger-within-a trigger\' concept that Remington has brought out on its new Model 783 rifles and Marlin\'s (owned by Remington) XT-22 trigger, both of which have a similar end-result although with a different way to get there.

What the American rimfire rifle brings to the table that the XT22 does not is its modular stock concept. Kind of like how polymer framed pistol makers like S&W, Glock, and XD have interchangeable grips on their handguns to increase or decrease palm swell, Ruger has a set of interchangeable stock modules that provide comb height options for scope or iron sight use. Another set can change length of pull longer or shorter.

Then to top it off, (pun intended), the new Ruger comes with a nice Williams fiber-optic front sight with flip up rear leaf and 3/8-inch \'tipoff\' grooves for rimfire scope rings. If you want to go bigger, the gun is also drilled and tapped for larger bases.

Compact version

Besides its standard version offered in both .22LR and .22WMR, sporting a 22-inch barrel, 41-inch overall length and 6-pound weight, there are also compact versions.

These chopped down variants are very svelte indeed and use 18-inch barrels to bring about a total length of just 35.75-inches-- just shy of a yardstick. With a weight of just 5.38-pounds, these could make good brush guns for squirrel hunters, boat guns, truck guns, or youth guns.

MSRP on these models are posted at $329 which means you should be able to get one shopping around for probably $275-ish NIB. This price point, it should be noted, is also right between a M77 rimfire and a 10/22. Compared to Marlin\'s XT22 it is still about $75 more, but the Marlin gun does not have all of the adjustable stock options.

Overall, not a bad offering.
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