New "rescue gun" Standard at the range

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    I picked up a new Standard (pre-1971 version) from my LGS as a consignment gun and I jokingly call it a "rescue gun" as it has some scratches and wear. Brought it home Friday night and took it to the range Saturday morning after thoroughly cleaning and lubing it. Here is a picture:

    When I got the gun to the range, I had stovepipes on the first two magazines. I then realized that I was "limp wristing" the gun. This is easy to do because the classic Standard is so darned light and has so little recoil that it is easy to forget the importance of gripping the pistol firmly. I put 300 more rounds through the pistol and had not one single feeding issue. This reinforces my experience that the original "Standard" configuration pistol is easy to "limp wrist." The gun is just so darned light.

    Fortunately I had learned of this issue a couple of years ago from a trusted mentor at my local range. I was shooting my Dad's old Standard, which I inherited from him, and had numerous stovepiples. I talked to the Range Officer and let him shoot a couple of magazines --zero issues. He explained the "limp wristing" issue and that was that -- once I gripped the pistol firmly there were no stovepiples. Same thing as today.

    Anyway, I was pleased to find that the sights of this "rescue gun" were right on the money -- no windage or elevation issues at 10 yards. The gun shot great. I shot Centurion, Federal, and CCI today and all of it shot terrific. These old Standards are just so darned fun to shoot!
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    Nice find. Glad to hear she's a keeper.

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    nice rescue, hadn't though I could ever rescue anything other than our trust home defense device (80 pound pit bull named strangely, Honey) but I don't suppose she would mind another rescue in the house especially if it was to help back up anything she couldn't handle (which is beyond my imagination).

    BTW, thank you for your service Gunner!
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    Congrats.....what a beautiful classic....
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    Very nice ... Congrats