New pro .45 will not fire.

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by pro45lover, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. pro45lover

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    I have the pro .45 model and i have only put about 150 maybe 200 rounds through it. The only dismantling i have done is removing the slide and doing a lite cleaning/oil and grease. Put it back together and it sat for about a week. Went to shoot it yesterday and everything felt fine but after a full trigger pull...nothing. you can hear the click of the firing pin and it still leaves a small indent in the center of the primer. I need hwll figuring out why the firing pin is not hitting the primer hard enough or not traveling forward enough......PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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    Did you add or get oil into the firing pin channel? That can cause light strikes. I would suggest shooting some gun cleaner into the firing pin channel and see if that fixes your problem. Another thing to check is if the slide is moving into all the way back position. Let us know if that helps or not.
  4. SavageGuy

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    Are you sure they're light strikes or could you have a bad batch of primers?
  5. pro45lover

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    They are lite i have tried 3 difrent brands and compared spent casings tk the ones that have not fired